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Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative’s Nominating Committee meets

November 2nd, 2023

The Cooperative’s Nominating Committee met at the Mena office Monday, Sept. 19, to name candidates for the District No. 3 director position. This position will be filled by the mail balloting that will precede the 2023 Annual Meeting, to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 22. Committee members present were: Farrell Cole of Holly Springs; David Donica of Hatfield; Phillip Hatley of Potter; R.H. Pinkerton of Umpire; Reginald Fryar of Cove; Stan House of Mena; and Wendell Garner of Dierks.

Nomination for Director to serve a nine-year (9) term follows:

District = District No. 3
Term = 9 years
Nominee = Mark Robbins

Incumbent Mark Robbins has represented District 3 on the Rich Mountain Electric Board of Directors since 1979. During his more than 44 years of service for Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative’s members, Mark has demonstrated a strong dedication to ensuring that the cooperative meets the needs of its members both today and in the future. A longtime resident of the Alder Springs community, he is self-employed as a cattle and poultry farmer. Mark attends the Northside Church of Christ in Mena. Mark and his wife, Karen, have two children: son, Mathew, and daughter, Marissa. Mark is a residential member of Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative.

Due to publishing deadlines, we regret any omission of other possible candidates that might be later nominated by petition. If any additional nominations are forthcoming, the candidate’s names will appear on the official ballot.

Rich Mountain Electric Members: Please notice! Around Nov. 8, 2023, you will receive a ballot by mail by which you may vote for one director to serve a nineyear (9) term on the Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative Board.

Please return your ballot promptly. You will have a chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. Simply mark and return the official “Vote by Mail” ballot enclosed with the Annual Report, which will be mailed to each member. Also, we would appreciate your taking the time to fill out the member questionnaire attached to the ballot. To be eligible to win, you must return the official ballot, properly marked, in the special envelope provided before noon, Tuesday, Nov. 21.

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