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Fixed Budget Billing

Rich Mountain offers a fixed budget plan to help you with your monthly budgeting.

With this plan you will not have high bills for the months you use the most electricity (the hot days of summer, for example), nor will you have low bills for the months you use the least electricity (for example, the transitional seasons of spring and fall). All your bills will be "smoothed out," providing you with a predictable monthly bill amount that can be budgeted more easily.

How it works:

The customer's actual monthly bill will be computed in accordance with the applicable rate schedules and the customer's account debited with such amount. The customer pays a fixed dollar amount each month for 11 months of the year. This monthly payment will be determined by the average monthly amount the customer has paid during the 12 month period previous to the beginning of the new 11 month fixed payment period. On the 12th month of this period the customer will be billed exactly what is shown in accounts receivable rather than the fixed budget amount. Any refund due the customer may be made by billing credit unless the customer requests otherwise. Any refund due the customer shall be made within 30 days.

Termination and Settlement:

Billing under these plans may be automatically terminated upon discontinuance of service. Any amounts owed for service billed under these plans shall be due as any other final bill for service. Any amounts overpaid for service billed under these plans shall be refunded to the customer by check.

This plan is a free service to members. Call us today, or visit your local office, to get more details about the program and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from planning ahead.