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About Us

Rich Mountain delivers a reliable flow of electricity to over 6,319 members in four Arkansas counties, plus portions of two counties in Oklahoma.

We have 1,743 miles of power line, all efficiently maintained by 30 highly trained professional employees. If you have problems, questions or concerns, there's always a qualified professional ready to help, they're on call for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure that the electricity you need is available. In fact, they've made Rich Mountain's response time for correction of outages and other problems one of the lowest in the nation.


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Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative, Inc. Mission Statement:

Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative, Inc. was formed in 1945 with the mission of providing electric service to residents of rural Arkansas and Oklahoma who could not obtain service from investor-owned utilities or municipality. As a cooperative, Rich Mountain Electric is owned by its customers and operates on a non-profit basis. Unlike investor-owned utilities which seek to maximize profit and investor value, Rich mountain Electric Cooperative has the sole objective of providing low cost, reliable electric service to all members in its service territory. All revenues of Rich Mountain Electric are dedicated to this single objective and cannot be diverted for other purposes, and any revenues in excess of the cost of providing such electric service belong to the members.

In carrying forth its mission Rich Mountain Electric will abide by the following principles:

 1. The single focus of Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative will be to provide its members with dependable, low-cost electricity.

 2. The electric energy needs of the rural areas and communities Rich Mountain Electric serves will be satisfied now and in the future through cooperative efforts with other rural electric cooperatives.

 3. Our members will elect our Board of Directors who will determine the policies and direction for Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative.