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What are your hours?

Our normal hours: M-F, 8 am to 5 pm

How do I report an outage?

Mena office: 479-394-4140
Dierks office: 870-286-2012
Toll Free: 877-828-4074

How do I pay my bill?

Use the Pay Now link, automatic bank draft, smarthub App, Pay by phone (1-844-849-1513), Pay in person at the office (convenient drive-thru), or pay by mail.

How do I get new service?

Apply through the website or in person at the Mena or Dierks office. 

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We’re here to serve you

July 5th, 2023
From maintaining rights-of-way for reliable power to providing you with ways to save onyour electric bill, we're here to serve you!

We’ve all heard the phrase “We’re here to serve you” many times. These words may sound generic, but to us, they mean everything.

Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative was created to serve our community. Back in the day, neighbors banded together and formed our co-op for the common good. In our case, it was the only way the community could bring electricity to the area where there was none. In doing so, the co-op helped the community thrive. That mission-focused heritage is the golden thread that is woven throughout our history.

Today, we are continuing to power the community. While our focus has remained steady on providing affordable, reliable and responsible energy to our members, today’s energy landscape and consumer expectations are far different than they were decades ago. That’s why we’re adapting — to keep pace with changing technology, evolving needs and new expectations. Serving as your trusted energy partner means we want to help you save energy and money. We can offer information on a broad range of energy topics. Consider scheduling a free energy audit with one of our energy experts to identify ways you can save energy at home. Understanding how your home uses energy can help determine the best ways to modify energy use and keep more money in your wallet.

If you’re considering a solar installation, we would be happy to give you an unbiased view of the pros and cons. Investing in solar is a major decision, and it’s important to fully understand the costs, responsibilities and potential energy savings. Unlike a solar company that has one objective –– to sell their products and services –– we will look at the total energy picture and help you determine the best options for your home. We understand that homeowners must conduct their due diligence, and we’re here to help you through that process.

So, the next time you hear your co-op use the phrase “We’re here to serve you,” we want you to know that we mean it. Service is deeply ingrained in who we are. We continue to evolve with the times, and in return, we’ve found additional ways to serve you and provide more options for you to power your life.

We’re here whenever you need us. Connect with us online, in person, by phone or our social media channels.

However you choose to connect, please let us know how we can serve you better.


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