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Mena office: 479-394-4140
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Toll Free: 877-828-4074

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Use the Pay Now link, automatic bank draft, smarthub App, Pay by phone (1-844-849-1513), Pay in person at the office (convenient drive-thru), or pay by mail.

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Apply through the website or in person at the Mena or Dierks office. 

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Annual Meeting Update

January 9th, 2023

During the business session of the Annual Meeting held on Nov. 23, 2022, at the Cooperative’s headquarters in Mena, President/CEO Brad Castor reported that Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative members, voting by mail ballot, elected one director to the Cooperative’s Board.

Mark Robbins certified that 6,521 ballots had been mailed to the members on Nov. 2, 2022.

The Election Committee, consisting of Sharon Cole, Ronney Fields, Phillip Hatley and Jerry Johnson, certified that a total of 901 valid ballots had been returned. The results of the balloting were as follows:

District # 5 Kyle Cannon 869 votes Buddy Newbolt, Chairman of the Board, presided at the Annual Meeting. Castor reviewed several key items covered in the annual report mailed earlier to the Cooperative’s membership. He also reported on the service and personnel survey that was included with the ballot.

Kody Chapman, CPA, of Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C. presented the independent audit report. Members who wish to examine the report may do so at the Mena office. He also reported on the election of Directors. Office Manager Chris Parker announced that the winners of the drawing from the ballot envelopes were Ricky Karr and Mary Jobe.

The Board of Directors held officer elections after the Annual Meeting. Those elected to officer positions were as follows: Buddy Newbolt of Cherry Hill, Chairman; Larry Dunaway of Mena, Vice Chairman; and Mark Robbins of Alder Springs, Secretary-Treasurer.

Notice to any member who had questions or specific service problems noted on their ballot: Since the Cooperative’s ballots are secret, we cannot identify those who had questions. Please notify the Mena or Dierks office of your request. Call the Mena office at 479-394-4140 or 1-877-828-4074 or the Dierks office at 870-286-2012.

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